Renting a Car When Travelling Abroad

Each country has a different way in the process of renting a car for tourists


When we traveled frequently occurred moments relocates to other tourist sites nearby, perhaps the easiest way we would use public transportation, but there is another way is to hire a car.

There are different ways of looking at the car rental process, in some countries, for example the use of a taxi - which is only permitted to take a maximum of 4 passengers. It would be problematic if the family members amounted to more than that, so we need a larger vehicle and rent a car as a way out.

Car rental process has its own art, can be troublesome and also full of challenges. Should we do research and planning, and this will be an exciting experience.

An article in tourist portal sites worth considering.

International Driver's License

Prepare well for certain countries, such as USA, Canada, and Europe. By having an International Driving License is a very good thing, especially if you often go on holiday abroad. Residents of a country should be able to contact the Office of the Traffic Police Department in your country, and prepare all the necessary requirements.

Please note that the minimum age is 21 years renting a car, of course you can prepare this case, specify a family member who can drive a car.

Research on car rental place

Every holiday season will give a different effect than when the low season, the possibility of getting a rental car is determined by the moments of the holiday season.

Immediately make a reservation to rent a car from a long day (in order to lower prices and choice of the type of car), so that when you arrive at tourist sites can immediately pick up and use the car.

Credit cards are active and still within the validity period

Generally, car rental agencies will ask for your credit card when you book a car, they rarely ask Debit Card.

One more thing is make sure the name on a driver's license and the name on the credit card is exactly the same.


It is useful and important things, without the need to purchase insurance from the car rental agencies, as guaranteed expensive.

Observe all instructions from your insurance company, and what is guaranteed in protection, it may happen there also does not include the travel insurance covers rental cars.

Your journey will be an interesting tour, facilitate the process of moving from one location to another, and do not forget to learn the traffic rules in a tourist destination. Have a good vacation!

(Source C Oktavia Lembing – Kompas Travel /Images M Kretyawan)


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