Australian Airline Tighter in the Smart Casual Dress Code

The rules are based on visitor complaints about the passengers dress

A poll conducted by the Australian Business Traveller website that asks, "Should Qantas implement a smart casual dress code in the airport?"

Interesting answers obtained, more than three thousand people who choose, as much as 84.24 percent answered “yes”.

An interesting result of the opinions of the passengers, so do not be surprised if the Qantas airline asked the passengers, in order to dress more appropriate.

As the quote from CNN site, the Australian airline said, more strict in implementing the dress code smart casual ', starting from April 1 for the tourists who visit the clubs and business spaces in the Qantas domestic airport Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, where visitors can receive a 'warning/notification/advice' on smart casual dress style guidelines specified.

Of course this will be a revolution of interest to tourists, as they are required to avoid things like wearing a sleeveless shirt, barefoot, and rubber slippers sandals.

Travel tours do have different nuances, the tourists tend to appear in a completely relaxed state, but apparently not in any place can be done freely, proved a lot of people who agree with the dress guidelines.

(Source CNN, CNN Indonesia, Qantas /Image Qantas)


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