Lake Toba into the Caldera Geopark

Indonesia has registered Lake Toba into UNESCO Global Geopark Network

Lake Toba and the surrounding area is kept the charm, it is proper local government proposed it as a special tourist areas, related to the proposal as Caldera Geopark.

Socialization intensively carried out to the surrounding community and the community leaders, how will impact the region as a geopark.

Most communities in the visible region need time to understand the concept of geopark or garden earth.

Currently the Indonesian government has registered this region at the UNESCO, continue the steps that carried out by the previous president, SB Yudhoyono in 2014 which designated it as a National Earth Park.

When all attempts have been made, all parties have a decent sense of caring, agreed with environmental conservation measures, maintaining the carrying capacity of ecosystems, the local government's commitment to environmental improvement, public awareness together, and of course the quality of the infrastructure.

(Source Kompas, Regional Management of Lake Toba /Images T Pudan Naibaho, P Sianturi)


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