5 Applications You Need When Travelling

Online applications are used to reduce your stress levels when planning a trip

Technological developments can not be ignored anymore at this time, such as at the tourists who make the long journey in a tourist area.

Of course you do some anticipation when going to travel, information technology comes in the form of an online application for potential tourists.

Some of these applications include as presented in the following this part of this article.

1. TripIt. An application that can help you all the information, ranging from hotel address, information about car rental, to restaurant reservations, can be in one place.

This application is quite friendly to fellow trip, we only need to input all the information or email your reservation and you can get a complete itinerary that has been designed.

2. The Converted. This software is an application to exchange their currency for the currency of the country to be visited, but the only run in the iOS and Android operating systems.

Feel free to use it, because the look simple and clear layout makes it easier for the user, and the exchange rate is also updated every day.

3. Waze. Free application that is very easy to use to provide direction navigation.

In fact you will greatly benefit in processing information from other Waze users, to calculate the areas of traffic jams and provide the most efficient route for you.

4. Hotwire. Really help you the travelers, the hotel room reservations at the last minute, and can give you a huge discount (thus saving large sums of money).

You have access to more than 125,000 hotels in 3,415 cities and 61 countries in the world, and savings when booking on the same day by 60 percent.

5. Packing Pro. When you prepare for a trip, it is such a busy time, critical, so sometimes there are forgotten.

So in this case the available applications that help in checking the list of luggage based on the number of people traveling and the length of time traveling.

6. Social media, such as Facebook, G+ and Twitter. It has been understood by many people the role of social media, which is the best tool to get an attractive tourist promotion, special prices, tickets, hotels, or tourist attractions.

One way is the use of hashtags to find the best deals, including promotional discounts that apply throughout the day.

Information technology has helped in many ways, so that the journey becomes more attractive and become an unforgettable experience.

(Source C Oktavia Lembing – Kompas Travel, Fox News Travel /Images Emirates)


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