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Plan your holidays since the beginning of the year

Tourist landed on Gili Trawangan using boat from Bali

Now is a good time to plan a vacation, especially after a period of great year-end holidays. This is when you are looking for as much information as possible about everything related to the holiday.

There is a lot of planning that needs to be done, for example, tourist destinations, airline tickets to lodging places can be determined from this now.

Wayag Island in Raja Ampat, West Papua

Here's an interesting article on tips on planning a vacation of a tourist site, Kompas Travel about how to organize a holiday with intelligent to be more profitable.

The following steps can be taken into consideration.

1. Plan ahead of time. Sure you do not want to bother if the trip arrives, plan at least three months before the holidays arrive. Sufficient time to search for information about travel destinations, vacation expenses and others are required.

2. Monitor the price of airline tickets. Perform routine observations of the dynamics and fluctuations in the price of airline tickets, some even asking prospective airline passengers waiting at the airport or directly at the ticket sales office to get a cheap ticket.
Probably the easiest way is to follow your airline social media accounts or register an e-mail notification of price information promo/discount.

3. Determine the type of lodging. You certainly want to get the price of a cheap lodging or get a special price, done by monitoring the ticket as the above steps. Follow their social media accounts of favorite venue/hostel/hotel or via e-mail notification.

4. Select the appropriate flight needs. The best thing is to look at factors other than price specified in choosing an airline, other factors as you choose the flight parameters. For example, the hour of departure and arrival, long flying time, many and long stops also need to be considered to get the best flying experience, especially to places far away vacation.

5. Be creative in choosing a tourist destination. Wise choose your travel sites, or any assumption about the beach that is only found in certain regions. Maybe you find another place with similar facilities, even at the cost of more affordable, something like this can be expected to be observed.

Of course at the end of the tourists have to be careful choosing a wide selection of destinations with interesting features, and several other factors that provide exceptional tour experience.

In other words, good preparation, adequate time and setting budget wisely.

(Source S Noviyanti – Kompas Travel, Skyscanner, Garuda Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism /Images F Benjamin, SY Winata)


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