Chiang Mai, the Most 'Friendly' for Culinary Lovers

The town with its delicious local food, unique and friendly on your wallet

Can not be avoided given moment in the tour, the culinary hunting, of course you are one of the many tourists in the world. Try a variety of foods from a variety of unique places in the various tourist attractions.

In fact, do not hesitate to try the specialties of a tourist spot, for example, the sensation of taste street food that is on the side of the road, and try to a local restaurant, at a price that suits your taste, food prices range from USD 1.5 - USD 20.

Chiang Mai, a town in the northern part of Thailand, according to Price of Travel was named as one of the best cities for backpaker and best city for food lovers. Some typical food there, among others, Khao Soi or egg noodles curry, Khan Toke, Sai Oua, Nam Prik Ong, Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeow, Miang Kham, even you can try Tam Khanun or young jackfruit salad.

Chiang Mai is unique - as reported by The Daily Meal, because in addition you may try also have the opportunity to learn firsthand how to make typical foods in this city, and even provided a variety of cooking classes or courses. Great, isn’t it?

Once you are satisfied around to enjoy the Buddhist temples and various tourist attractions in the country, do not miss the amazing variety of food with flavors that influenced the Burmese and Chinese food tastes.

Travelers will love it, the various options available and priced accordingly.

(Source The Daily Meal, CNN Indonesia /Images Nanda Devi - Bangkok)


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