Best Honeymoon Travel Destinations in the World

Based on the best honeymoon travel places in the world for 2015 version of Fodor's

Phuket, Thailand

Do you want a honeymoon, or may already have planned? Of course there are several tourist attractions in the world who deserve a recommendation, even you are free to choose the best tourist places to honeymoon according to your own version, especially in the atmosphere of romantic Valentine.

Here are the best honeymoon places traveled in 2015.

1. Berkshire, England. The distance is about one and a half hour from the west of the city of London. A place in a rural setting, complete with ceremonies for couples who love the afternoon tea ceremony in the English-style and treatment like royalty.

In addition to the famous movie star George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin chose this place after their wedding ceremony.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

2. Phuket, Thailand. This is the ideal tourist spot for couples who love the beach and exotic places, flavorful quiet. In this place you will enjoy the special atmosphere, white sand and blue sea, as well as panoramic sunset, bring a romantic atmosphere.

Supportive environment for honeymooning couples, great culinary, luxury resort, a trip to Phi Phi Island and traditional Thai massage.

3. Las Vegas, USA. The atmosphere is different, because here comes a festive, party and spontaneity, is famous as the place where people get married quickly, complete with pastors and chapel, available in several places that offer special honeymoon atmosphere.

Lively atmosphere and brings a different experience for couples with theater, restaurant, spa, and of course the casino.

4. Bodrum, Turkey. Here is a special place for honeymooners who want a luxury atmosphere, and the scent of the sea breeze with a tourist paradise sailing ship as a couple on a romantic evening.

As if you are taken to a special place, the scent of the beach which was filled with customers celebrities and royalty, then traveled to the historical ruins of the city of Ephesus.

5. Nicaragua. Suitable for couples who love the atmosphere of adventure and nature lovers, as well as the region is known as a destination for ecotourism.

In this place you can satisfy yourself to swim in the turquoise sea shore, surf and volcano tour, as well as the natural fauna of the 700 species of wild birds.

Options traveled indeed be a personal choice for couples who will be honeymooning, interesting version of Fodor's can be a reference, in addition to other tourist attractions.

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(Source C Oktavia Lembing – Kompas Travel, The Huffington Post /Images M Paath Djojonegoro)


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