Eiffel Tower became a Favorite of Tourists Taking “Selfie” Pictures

Based on the results of data analysis of Instagram from the website AttractionTix

Exceptional results from the photo "selfie" of the Eiffel Tower with 10,700 photos uploaded, since the beginning of 2015 until today, maybe if you choose this tourist area will not miss a moment like this.

Interesting analysis of the selfie photo phenomenon made by tourists in the world, wherever they go around the world when they traveled.

You can try to search with the keyword "selfie" in social media, 219 million netted images for data analysis, more than 1 million selfie photos uploaded daily in Instagram.

Here tourist places in the world that becomes a favorite of tourists for selfie.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris - 10,700 photos
2. Disney World, Orlando, Florida
3. Burj Khalifa, Dubai
4. Big Ben Clock Tower, London - 8780 photos
5. Empire State Building, New York - 8430 photos
6. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
7. Disneyland, Paris
8. Colloseum, Rome
9. Rockefeller Building, New York
10. Bridge of London

The more interesting you can look at is the phenomenon of monopoly selfie not just ordinary tourists, but celebrities also, such as Selena Gomez, and John Legend at the Eiffel Tower. Cool!

(Source W Adityo Prodjo – Kompas Travel, Daily Mail /Images D Upala Poucin)


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