Traveling in a Day on the island of Batam

Tourist visits increased since the launching of the "Visit Batam" in 2010

The city is adjacent to Singapore, so do not be surprised when tourists both from within and outside the country have alternate visits, various options available in the city and the island.

Available options include, shopping, history, culinary, or nautical become the main attraction.

Travelers have the option, especially if you have limited time and all is possible.

Barelang bridge. It takes about one and a half hours by car or motorcycle from the city center, the beauty of the area around the bridge, which connects three large islands of Batam, Rempang and Galang.

Culinary tour. Batam is known as one of the typical culinary destination, especially flavorful food Malay, like a typical dish of crab, shrimp, fried foods, or drink fresh coconut.

Vietnamese Refugee camp on Galang Island. Drive about 30-45 minutes to Galang Island, a place that could be used as a refugee camp for about 250,000 people of Vietnam, victims of the civil war that displaced using a wooden boat and stranded. The former camp buildings, churches, pagodas, and a museum that holds a number of household items once used by the refugees.

Shopping in Nagoya. This area is directly adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia, do not be surprised if you find a product of the country of origin, such as branded fashion products, perfumes, electronics and food and pastries and chocolate typical Singaporean.

Dinner at Harbour Bay. One of the international port which connects the city of Batam and Singapore, where it is available a variety of options to suit the tastes, culinary seafood available in a number of restaurants and seafood dishes are tempting you.

A wide selection of fun for tourists who come from various places, nice atmosphere, the environment, and culinary.

(Source RA Mozes – Kompas Travel, G Raharjo /Images I Irahadi, G Raharjo - Batam)


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