Free Visa policy for Short Visits Cancelled for Australian Travelers

Preplanned on visa-free policy will be applied to five countries

Indonesian tourists in Himeji Castle, Japan

Originally visa-free policy of the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia for a short visit will be valid for five countries including Australia, namely Japan, China, Russia, and Korea. This occurs because of differences in the imposition of visa system in Australia and Indonesia.

About cancellation was presented by the Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya in Jakarta, citing travel sites, Kompas Travel, Thursday, February 5th, 2015, "At first five countries, which approved only four countries, based on the sequence of Japan which has been agreed, China, Russia, and Korea," he says.

Visa system used in Australia using a universal visa system that requires everyone who came to Australia from any country to use the visa. While the prevailing system in Indonesia is a reciprocal visa system, applicable between the two countries which provide visa-free policy.

Heihan Shrine, Kyoto

Visa-free system with immediate effect in the near future are from Japan, which has agreed to implement a visa-free agreement between the two countries.

Japan certainly liberate short-stay visa for Indonesia starting this year.

Likewise, the implementation of the visa-free system will continue in the other three countries, it is seen from the positive response of these countries and will give good impact to the development of tourism between the countries concerned.

(Source I Rastika – Kompas Travel, Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia /Images P Widi Hatmi)


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