Singapore Became the Most Expensive City in the World

Based on the Economist Intelligence Unit survey for two consecutive years

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Maybe we can immediately understand the level of expensiveness of a city that is being visited on a trip, such as the size of a necessity for anyone who was in the city.

For example, Singapore, which is also called the city-state, 11 percent more expensive than in New York, in this case using a benchmark survey of New York City, where the EIU survey involving 133 cities around the world.

The top five in the most expensive city in the world has not changed from the previous study, after Singapore is Paris, Oslo, Zurich and Sydney.

Singapore Flyer

Research of interest to anyone, both townspeople and visitors and tourists from all over the world, where several factors that compare the prices of more than 160 products and services in these towns, ranging from food, toiletries and clothing to household assistant, transport and electricity tariffs. In total there are 50 thousand prices collected.

Singapore shows the level of 11 per cent more expensive than in New York, where the price of a pack of cigarettes, a piece of bread and a bottle of wine priced at US $ 39,11.

Here's a list of other cities, respectively in the following (ranked 6-9), is Geneva, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Seoul. On the order of 10 is New York as a benchmark, as stated earlier.

Maybe one day you have time traveled in one of those cities, and has had a well and a detailed plan to enjoy the journey.

(Source EIU, D Armandhanu - CNN Indonesia /Images L Pandjaitan)


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