The Biggest Reason of Women for Solo Traveling

Based on a survey of TripAdvisor


As mentioned in the previous article, that women travelers continue to increase in various tourist destinations in the world, it is increasingly attractive after the fact most of them liked traveled alone.

Citing articles on Channel News Asia website which provides interesting results of a survey based on a travel website, TripAdvisor, of the reasons for women to do a solo trip.

Puppet Museums, Old Town of Jakarta

Reasons why women prefer solo trip

1. Solo travelling provide the greatest benefit in making them become more independent and confident (62%)
2. Women in Southeast Asia said, that the freedom to do what they want along the way (60%)
3. They enjoy the freedom and challenge to travel alone (45%)
4. The single trip gave them the opportunity to learn about other people and other cultures (39%)
5. Travelling alone because of family or friends they do not have the time or resources to go with them (32%)

Safety Factor

Further results of the survey indicate that safety is their top priority, it is natural as women are more vulnerable than men are more free to go anywhere.

1. They avoid going out at night (71%)
2. Women also avoid deserted streets (55%)
3. Another interesting thing they more often dressed like the locals, so it does not seem like a tourist striking (42%)

Place of Accommodation

4. The choice of accommodation that is safe and well (65%)
5. They tend to prefer boutique hotels when traveling solo (65%)

From the survey many interesting facts that can be anticipated by the tourism industry in the world anywhere, so that women as a traveler even provide color in the world of tourism, of course.

(Source CNN Indonesia, TripAdvisor /Images MM Bartels, S Nababan)


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