Singapore More Actively Attract Tourists in 2015

Carrying out various activities or annual event as an attraction

Clarke Quay

Tourists visiting a country to be one of the business support economic strength of a country, it is increasingly recognized by many countries in the world. More or less the same thing done by Singapore to attract the number of tourists is to utilize the annual event.

As authorities in tourism, the Singapore Tourism Board to carry out various promotional efforts to various countries, including countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

Marina Bay

The annual event held in Singapore has become a major force in the country domestic tourism, the best moment is when the 50th anniversary celebration of Singapore, SG 50. During the celebration will be held several attractions and special occasion celebrations.

Some annual event that will be held throughout 2015 is divided into several categories, such as entertainment events that take place during the months of March to September.

20th March 2015: Brooke Fraser Live in Singapore 2015
March 21 - 19 April 2015: Beauty and The Beast The Original Broadway Musical Spectacular
28 - 31 May 2015: The St. Petersburg Ballet Swan Lake
12 - 14 June 2015: Smurfs Live on Stage
8 - 12 September 2015: Globe to Globe Hamlet
18 - 20 September 2015: Maroon 5, Pharrel Williams, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix

Travelers would have had a profound experience during a visit to Singapore, the annual events that pamper tourists, in addition to vacation, shopping, lifestyle and pursue other things.

(Source RO Kurniawan – Kompas Travel, Singapore Tourism Board /Images V Saver)


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