Pengerupukan Night before Nyepi Day

Daily ritual ceremony of a series ahead of Nyepi

This ritual is actually repel evil creatures, evil spirits, demons and creepy monsters manifestations in the form of a statue, known by locals as Ogoh-ogoh.

Pengerupukan Night marked by a parade of thousands of Ogoh-ogoh or creepy sculptures made from a blend of wood, bamboo and paper are arranged various forms, such as giant as well known figures in the classical tradition of puppetry, a day before Nyepi, Friday, March 20, 2015, then paraded around each rural community on the island of Bali.

By Ogoh-ogoh procession to each road train or village in Bali to tell if Ogoh-ogoh reflect vices or evil spirits, it becomes a festive ritual in Pengerupukan Night, because of the creation of the population, in order to remind, a symbol of the villain, “butakala”.

Travelers increasingly interested while watching the ceremony, because sometimes the shape of Ogoh-ogoh can any tangible beings, according the creativity of the author in Banjar (village community gathering place), in the form of a certain figure or a particular form of social satire intended or joke that intended to entertain.

Currently, the implementation of the peak of Nyepi Day is over, the people on the island of Bali is still doing some other ceremonies circuit according to Hindu tradition.

(Source BeritaBali, Ni Kdk R Riyanti /Images V Gumay - Denpasar, Ni Kdk R Riyanti - Sanur)


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