Where Your Goals This Year Trips?

New tourist attractions are worth considering

Hiking around the slopes of the Mediterranean Sea

Maybe you've been preparing for a tour itinerary, traveled has become its own needs. With customizable characters, budget, destination, nature, beach. towns, villages and so on.

Such a review in a tourist site, among the younger generation, today, according to the agency's World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), throughout 2014 recorded 1,138 million international tourists, up 4.7 percent compared to the previous year.

It is estimated that, this year will grow 3-4 percent.

2015 have walked into the third month, several new destinations coming soon, places of adventure, such as the Faroe Islands, Denmark, a beautiful exotic island throughout the year, with the experience of a lifetime, the total solar eclipse that will make weather instantaneous dark during the day.

Likewise, the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea area, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, famous for the power of culture, community traditions, culinary and historical. You can do many things, such as hiking, canoeing, tracing the history, or just lounging on the beautiful beaches.

Sunset at Santorini

City of Bagan

And do not ignore Myanmar, witness the beauty of the thousands pagodas, virgin nature with white sandy beaches, forests tempting to explore, and each side of the city that tells the religious and historical values ​​make Myanmar touted as a paradise world.

Travel and adventure in 2015 more open in front of the eyes, you will soon decide, you may first have to prepare an own goal.

(Source Kompas Klasika, Kompas Travel /Images E Widi, D Asih Abadhy)


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