Favorite Vacation Locations Connected with Your Personality

Location Sights Indirectly Tell How Your Character

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Often without realizing someone choose a location for the tour is a representation of their personality, perhaps we do not realize it. Choosing the mountain, nature, ocean, places culinary and others.

Traveled it will reduce the stress of the job, to give time for yourself and your family, and a means of communication have fun for yourself, of course.

Likewise, the city, or perhaps a tourist area, island, beach, it has a lot of stories about a person's soul.

Here's favorite holiday locations and the most frequently selected locations about yourself, according to the Huffington Post.

1. Paris. Romantic city, here you can adjust quickly as your character, feeling to always want to get the best in life. In this city you enjoy all the beautiful things of the past, a variety of things antique, art museums surround, walk in between the rocks and also enjoy the little cakes and pastry.

Bridge of London

2. London. No doubt, the city that holds many interesting stories, ancient streets in the city with the atmosphere of English history, perhaps enjoy a good beer. In fact you can hear the words that are longer than the real sense, the English vocabulary that is not found in the school.

3. Canada. The atmosphere is different for those who like tourist escape quickly. But you also do not want to go too far from home, you become a person who likes to be surrounded by a lot of snow around. The atmosphere is clean and aloof.


4. Amsterdam. This is the type of character for you as being carefree, cultured and very much like to have a nice holiday. Have fun with the posh side of town, without leaving the tradition and culture.

5. St. Bart. Luxury tourist areas like celebrities make you the kind of person with a special character, a vacation in a quiet place like a small island to be more calm and comfortable.

6. Ireland. Travel enthusiasts with a beautiful view, small towns, sightseeing nuanced history, beautiful castle very interesting.

Overview fun for tourists and positive character in choosing vacation spots, as a positive activity in your life.

Continued to Part 2.

(Source Huffington Post, CNN Indonesia /Images Asti Sukirno, P Djayasupena)


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