Melasti Ceremony the day before Nyepi

Mendak Tirta ritual or procession taking the holy water that aims to meet Nyepi Day

Some rituals before the Nyepi such as Tirta Mendak Ritual, as the embodiment of Hindus gratitude to the Almighty.

The other event is the ceremony to bring offerings, known as Melasti Ceremony in Friday, March 20, yesterday, among others, remove the duck into the sea as a symbol of welcome the Nyepi Day. Some Hindus walking with a variety of offerings, during the ceremony, general event on the waterfront.

Excitement for the residents on the Bali Island, which is also known as the island of the Gods, Melasti ceremony is always lively with a motorcade that followed hundreds of Hindus that aims to cleanse themselves and soul of all forms of bad deeds in the past and appealed to Sang Hyang Widhi, that given strength when will implement Nyepi.

The entire sequence of the ceremony will be followed by a festive Parade of Ogoh-ogoh, as a means of expulsion of evil spirits, and the peak at Night of Pengerupukan, giant statue Ogoh-ogoh one by one burned, cleanse the heart and soul of sacred welcoming ceremony of Nyepi.

Special moment for the population in the most beautiful island in the world, the cultural wealth of Hindus who are able to attract millions of tourists from all over the world, participated in the tradition moment.

(Source Antara, CNN Indonesia /Images N Tjindarbumi, Ni Kdk R Riyanti - Sanur)


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