The Right Time to Travel to Europe

Traveled during the low season in the months from January to May and from August to November

Street of Paris

Who would have thought a dream for most people to be able to travel to the blue continent, Europe, can be done at the right moment, not always as assumed by many parties that Europe has always impressed expensive.

Europe, the country with attractive alloy, the atmosphere of the past with antique buildings and modern at the same time, then the beautiful beaches, the countryside, the cities which have a long history, and incredible natural scenery.

Street of Vienna

Months of the right time to travel in the months from January to May and from August to November, the price of travel packages to Europe tend to be more affordable. This information is obtained from various travel agents, off-season visit for a trip to Europe, as well as the right time to buy tickets in the span of about 170 days before departure.

Le Pont Neuf, Paris

Bridge of London

In fact, according to many media reports, the exchange rate of the Euro currency were low due to the strengthening of the US economy, thus decrease the ticket.

Positive advantage for the tourists from all over the world, and soon seen with increasing trends as well as new routes for low-cost airlines, fares will be low in 2015, as a convenience in planning and get a variety of travel options.

(Source The Huffington Post, Kompas Travel /Images M Paath Djojonegoro, W Sjahran, P Djayasupena)


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