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Based on the award obtained by the Passenger's Choice Awards

Changi Airport, Singapore

Layover in a wide range of airports in the world is something that is common for tourists, so when you arrive at a tourist destination, the first impression is the airport of destination.

An award for an airport would have a major impact on world tourism, so it is not surprising that many countries will try to build a good image of the airport and convenient for passengers, especially the tourists.

Award from the authorities for a good airport, has announced on Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 in Paris, and for three consecutive years, Singapore has earned the title of Best Airport in the World of Skytrax, - namely the World Airport Awards, or also known as Passenger's Choice Awards, based on a survey of more than 13 million, followed by 112 airline customers between May and January.

The Propeller

Changi Airport in Singapore has become one of the favorite airport in the world, 5 thousand arrivals and departures every week, with 80 international flights, the award of pride for the local airport authority.

The complete data of the 10 best airports in the world, quoted from CNN's website.

1. Singapore Changi Airport
2. Incheon International Airport
3. Munich Airport
4. Hong Kong International Airport
5. Tokyo International Airport, Haneda
6. Zurich Airport
7. Central Japan International Airport
8. London Heathrow Airport
9. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
10. Beijing Capital International Airport

Travelers will be pampered on their way to various tourist destinations, while well received and friendly from any destination airport.

(Source CNN, CNN Indonesian, Skytrax /Images M Kretyawan)


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