Amazon Jungle in Singapore

River cruising expedition explore a replica of the Amazon River

Progress of time and modernity always give the dark side in its implementation, forest wildlife habitat likely to suffer in many respects, both legally and illegally.

An initiative undertaken by the Singapore Zoo that conserve endangered animals are protected, they hope to provide inspiration for visitors.

Nature should be regarded as a protection to all beings, offering shade, visitors can appreciate, understand, and preserve nature and endangered species in the world, mostly endangered.

Singapore Zoo gives wild attractions through river cruising expedition explore a replica of the Amazon River in Wild Amazonia, Singapore, visitors can ride a boat to get around and interact approaching 30 species of native animals that live along the river banks.

Interesting experience for tourists who are visiting Singapore, a replica of a tropical rainforest animals live in the woods like a piece of original habitat.

(Source D Muhtadi - Kompas, Kompas Travel /Images M Kretyawan)


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