Indonesian Travelers Most Visiting Singapore

Based on data from the Singapore Tourism Board in 2014

River of Singapore

Geographical proximity factor seems to be one of the reasons why until now tourists from Indonesia still dominate a visit to the neighboring country, Singapore.

Tourist and leisure activities has always been a way out of the routine of daily life, life is better, have fun and of course relaxing.

Marina Bay Sands

The latest data from the Singapore Tourism Board said that until recently, was ranked first Indonesian tourists visiting Singapore, 77 percent are people of Indonesia, citing reports from CNN Indonesia.

Here tourists ranking visiting Singapore.

1. Indonesia - about 2 million tourists
2. China - about 1.7 million tourists
3. Malaysia - about 1.2 million tourists
4. Australia - about 1 million tourists
5. India - about 943 thousand tourists

Singapore travel destination is certainly not without reason, in addition to geographical proximity factor (for tourists from Indonesia), the attractiveness of shopping with a variety of programs offer discounts on shopping and also the most attractive tourist sites.

Regardless of the above, the record indicated that generally attract tourists visiting the figures show a decrease compared to the previous year.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Singapore Tourism Board /Images L Pandjaitan)


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