An afternoon while Enjoying “Sunset” in Gili Trawangan

Tourism in Gili Trawangan is always identical to swim and its beautiful nature

Let's say you're an afternoon in this tourist area, a place that is in the sea just across the island of Bali and Lombok, warm atmosphere with the sun.

Nature around which devote a lot of sunlight, sea water splashing faithful waiting on the beach, natural beauty to share, and toured with cidomo (traditional horse carriage of Lombok). Just imagine if all end with enjoying the 'sunset' in an afternoon.

See the sunset from the beach is the number one thing to do while on vacation travelers to the beach, you can even use a bicycle or on horseback riding, it's really wonderful travel experience and unforgettable.

Driving around the island, enjoying the sea breeze blowing gently, or horseback riding, as you heard the sound of water splashing the sea, and the waves were rolling.

The most important thing is feeling happy when the horse started running and you really get to see the sunset with unique activities.

Travelers will feel so pampered, and enjoy the beauty of Gili Trawangan in a lovely afternoon.

(Source Kompas Travel, F Benjamin /Images F Benjamin - Gili Trawangan)


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