Strange Myths Regarding Food Many Believed

Believe that myth however is still remains a myth

Maybe for a few places in the world always has a variety of beliefs and myths that go with it, would be something interesting, regardless we want to believe it or not at all.

During the myth would be very interesting, but believe it would require a logical foundation, especially with a lot of information presented on the internet.

The more people feel increasingly making myth as a fact and has blurred between fact and myth. Here are some bizarre myths surrounding food was quoted by The Telegraph.

1. Carrots can make you have a super night vision.
2. Chewing gum survived for seven years in digestion.
3. The bread will make the hair curly.
4. Sugar makes children hyperactive.
5. Swallowed watermelon seeds will grow in digestion.
6. You shall drink eight glasses per day.
7. Carbohydrates make overweight.
8. Meat steak melt the blood when cut.

Similarly, some of the myths that developed in the community in various parts of the world, when we are traveling in a tourist area that is away from home.

Of course we have a logical reason to regard it as a wealth of interesting local, but not to be trusted.

(Source U Widowati - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph /Images P Djayasupena)


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