Tatung will enliven Cap Go Meh in Singkawang

The culmination of the event Xin Jia to ward off bad luck in the future

The city is known as one of the cities that have a special event related to the celebration of Chinese New Year, the Tatung parade, that the spirits are invoked believed to be the good spirits that can ward off evil spirits who want to disturb the harmony of life.

The spirits are summoned and then penetrated into Tatung body, which is believed to be the hero of a Chinese legend, such as warlords, judges, writers, prince, prostitutes who have repented and other holy people, event that gripped spirits can possess anyone called.

A total of 400 actors or participants have enrolled Tatung become participants to enliven the Cap Go Meh Festival at the Secretariat of the Lunar Committee and Cap Go Meh, Singkawang.

Very interesting present in this spectacular celebration in a place in the west of the island of Borneo, Singkawang.

(Source Antara, Kompas Travel /Images A Purwandari)


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