Souvenir Liked by Travelers When Visit Singapore

Some local Singapore souvenirs that must be purchased

Kaya Toast

Traveled to Singapore is always fun for most tourists, as one of the favorite tourist destinations, so that each returned from the country, the question that arises is the take-home souvenir.

Souvenir always given to family members or even neighbors, generally in the form of craft products or perhaps local specialties.

Now if you choose Singapore as a tourist destination, what souvenirs to bring back to your home? Here are some of the souvenirs that can be considered a local Singapore.

1. Kaya. Known also as Sarikaya Jam who became friends toast at breakfast called Kaya bread, is a typical cuisine of Singapore, made of coconut milk, eggs and sugar.

2. Arabian perfume. Also referred to as attar oil, is perfume that can be found in various perfume outlets in Singapore, one of which is Jamal Kazura Aromatic.

3. Balsam. The most popular product is the tiger balm, made in a Chinese medicine man, Aw Chu Kin in 1870. Serves to relieve aches, aches and pains.

4. Tea. Popular aromatic tea in Singapore known as TWG Tea, with 800 types of tea from all locations in the world. Maybe you will find this type of tea in the other place, but buy it in Singapore can be a different sensation.

Bakkwa store in Singapore

5. Bakkwa. One type of local specialties of pork, savory smoked jerky that make you become addicted. Favorite local snack which is consumed when the Chinese New Year.

And travel has become less complete if you do not hunt for souvenirs and unique culinary tourist destination, so shopping experience be an interesting experience to be remembered.

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