Roscosmos, Space Travel Commercially in 2018

The program continued after the flight of eight tourists to the ISS and the last in 2009

Space program is tempting for tourists who want a different experience, a trip to outer space, and may you be one of them.

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency has become agreed to re-implement this program commercially in 2018.

Furthermore, the agency that handles Energiya space mission with a crew of Roscosmos, said that they heard a request for Soyuz spacecraft "continued short-term commercial expedition to the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS)."

A pleasant advantage for tourists, because Russia has a good space rocket, and certainly will obtain positive response from the world community.

Space should be viewed as a positive area for humans in the future, as is done also by NASA, the US space agency in cooperation with Roscosmos, the research and development of spacecraft by cooperating with private companies, including the use of Boeing and SpaceX, so it can be expanded into a commercial journey tours.

It is time for a trip into space travel in the future, various space agencies of countries in the world can see these opportunities as an exotic trip for mankind.

(Source A Panji - CNN Indonesia /Images Roscosmos)


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