Twilight in the Waterfront City

Maritime nuances of Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi

The town which has a peculiar with various culinary offer around Losari Beach, Makassar typical snack in the form of banana epe presented with a variety of flavors; original, durian, cheese, and chocolate, is roasted banana dish, which is finely ground and covered with palm sugar. And you will be offered a variety of other culinary tempt your taste buds.

The town is always identical to the beach, and an afternoon will entertain restless heart, set foot in Losari.

Losari Beach, the city became a community meeting place, free public space that extends on the west coast city of Makassar no way within the protocol.

Please tune in when the waves hit the coast of Makassar Strait and Spermenonde Islands. You will feel complete after orange tinge in the air of the evening, enjoy the sea breeze gust. So, there goes restless due to the routines.

The most appropriate visit is when the sun sets, you will feel the sensation. The reflection of the red-orange tinge above sea ripples that spread out like a diamond sparkle. The city that makes you feel comfortable, in a beautiful afternoon, a row of restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues exist with the play of light bulbs.

This is one of the favorite area for tourists, while enjoying dinner and culinary in a town on the waterfront.

(Source R Prahesti and P Elita Dundu - Kompas Travel /Images T Pudan Naibaho)


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