Shwedagon, the oldest pagoda in Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda was founded 2,600 years ago

When you have agreed to choose in Myanmar as a tourist destination, do not be surprised to see the elegance of this magnificent pagoda, was first built by the ethnic Mon, between the sixth century and the 10th century AD.

Look at the stupa on top of the building, a tower that once torn down and ignored until then enabled again in the 14th century by King Mon Binnya U of Bago and built with 18 meters high.

Special feeling when in the area of the building, the atmosphere of worship, all looks so orderly as a form of offerings to the Buddha.

At the present time, there have been many changes and building the pagoda became one of the central city residents, in addition to places of worship, is also a tourist destination. Shwedagon Pagoda complex now located in an area of 5 acres on a hill with a height of 58 meters asl.

Wherever you stand, try rotating briefly look for a more comfortable viewing angle, can see the pagoda building from any side.

(Source R Sukarjaputra – Kompas Travel, D Asih Abadhy - Yangon /Images D Asih Abadhy)


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