Bagan, the Country with Thousands of Gold Plated Pagodas

An ancient city in Myanmar with more than 3,000 temples

You are brought to a future return to the 11th century, the golden temples, scattered in an area, the old temples that line the edge of the road. Various sizes, large and small with white and red brick.

Like brought to a dream, everywhere there are temples scattered clouds covered, scenery like being in a dream.

Building temples scattered, making your travel experience to be special, exploring the temple town that feels like being in a movie.

City of Bagan built before the 10th century AD, in the kingdom of Pagan, the origin of the people of Burma, the largest ethnic groups in Myanmar.

Among the thousands of temples, there is a biggest pagoda, pagoda Shwe Zi Gon, look at the pagoda that was built of gold, became the center of Buddhist worship, and be downtown of Bagan.

Travelers gather at certain moments, while shopping at various souvenir shop, waiting at sunrise and sunset. Maybe one day you can be here.

(Source F Abdurachman – Kompas Travel /Images D Asih Abadhy)


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