Tourism in Palu welcomes the Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse is expected to occur on March 9, 2016

Diving in Palu Bay

A rare moment in Palu, a town in Central Sulawesi, including in some areas in Indonesia will be crossed by the total solar eclipse, a rare natural phenomenon and will happen again in the next 40 years.

Of the rare moments like this will be one of the opportunities and tourism promotion, to an area that may be less well known, Palu and surrounding areas.

Underwater in Palu Bay

City of Palu has its diverse attractions, ranging from historical tourism to marine tourism, for example, to the famous Lore Lindu megalithic sites or also dive in Tomini Bay.

Swiss-Belhotel Palu

Solar Eclipse itself can be enjoyed on an exotic place, Palu Bay with endless blue sea in front of the eyes, and hotel reservations have started to fill, for example, carrying Japanese tourists have already booked 55 rooms, tourists from the United States 260 rooms, and tourists from the UK around 75 -100 rooms.

Some hotels that gets surge presence of tourists is Santika Hotel Palu, Mercure Hotel Palu, and Swiss-Belhotel Silae Palu.

Tourism in Palu and the surrounding area does have an advantage in marine tourism and diving tourism, making it easy to know the character of the tourists and trends.

(Source Kompas Travel /Images Gunawan Bz, P Widiawan - Palu)


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