Bali is one of the Wedding Destination

Long known as one of the favorites for honeymooner tourists

Kuta Beach

Travelers who get married necessarily have much of a plan, when will determine the venue for the wedding. Some become a favorite place for couples to be married, and Bali is one of the choices.

Travelers who choose Bali, among others, were tourists from Australia and Japan, and even some other countries have determined their choice, including from the capital city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Choice of wedding venue has become a trend among the people of Jakarta, sometimes weddings take place twice a wedding celebration. First in Jakarta which is more formal and to the relation of parents, the next in Bali are more relaxed and for close friends and young people.

Melasti Ritual

Of course the wedding trends into one package with the honeymoon, and cost as well as a choice of wedding packages are fun for young travelers, either as couples getting married and for the community of young people who will attend the wedding.

Wedding packages has become one of the attractive offer when traveling and offered starting price of USD 4.988, and includes the wedding ceremony, lodging for couples, music, decorations, to the wedding cake as the completeness of the party.

(Source KompasTravel, The Ritz-Carlton Bali /Images L Tambajong, N Tjindarbumi)


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