Qantas, World's Longest Flight

Previously held by Singapore Airlines until November 2003

SIA Cabin

After the previous section about airline's shortest in the world, only fly for 10 minutes, from Vienna to Bratislava, the next part of the airline's longest in the world.

Singapore Airlines initially have the longest route in the world, they opened the route from Singapore to Newark been defined as the longest non-stop flight of the world, with a distance of up to 10,300 miles, until finally canceled in November, 2013.

Flight service has always been to bring curiosity, especially for the routes length and distances.

Qantas A380

After the longest flight managed by Singapore Airlines (SIA), the Australian airline, Qantas, then do it for the flyway from Sydney to Dallas.

Flights are serviced by Qantas takes over 17 hours with the distance of 8,500 miles, quite tiring. And, maybe divulging day you are in the flight.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph /Images of Singapore Airlines, Qantas)


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