Around the World can be realized through Certain Professions

Professions that can make you travel around the world

AirAsia Cabin Crew

Let's stop your dreams, around the world is very possible if you are serious to make it happen, not always money that makes you do it, but through a particular profession.

Through the Lonely Planet website indicated some great profession and may be done to be able to travel around the world.

1. Stewardess/Steward. Of course you need a specific qualification in order to get this job, visiting many countries, especially if your airline has flights to many countries.

2. Crew of the Cruise Ship. Through this work also all possible, you have the opportunity to travel the world, in one trip cruises, definitely will visit several countries. Profession may ask, for example as cooks, janitors, nursing staff, musicians, fitness instructor, even beauty therapist, and so forth.

3. Tour Guide. Of course you must master a foreign language, experience in guiding the way, have high enthusiasm, and full of patience and a good attitude.

4. Translators. This is an opportunity to participate in politics and business meetings, conventions and international conferences, in courtrooms and hospitals, refugee camps and multinational companies, as well as participated in a trip to various places in the world.

5. Humanitarian Work. International relief agencies are always looking for staff in accordance with the classification, while conducting operations in a country, such as disaster management. Desired profession, for example logician, nutritionists, pharmacists, biomedical scientists, financial controller and HR professionals, medical staff and others.

6. Photographers. The work gives you the opportunity to visit many countries, despite the many challenges ahead. Challenging profession, looking for the best image at any time, with patience and with heart.

All possible, and if you really want it, all can happen, around the world in a great trip and provide a special experience for a healthy life.

(Source T Wahyuni - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image A Sentanu - AirAsia)


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