Legu Gam and the Longest Traditional Food of Ternate

The folk festival is a tradition of the population of North Maluku

A tradition became an annual event in North Maluku, which illustrates the unity between the royal family and ordinary people, manifested in Legu Dance performances, namely the royal dance traditionally performed only on formal occasions empire.

A long tradition in the Moluccas islands, rituals Maracahaya Gam, a parade that is done by people who carry >the torch of traditional boat to circumnavigate the island, as well as a tradition of ritual climb to the summit of Mount Gamalama.

This time in the form of a festival celebration has a series of events, exhibitions, fairs, cultural performances and traditional, as well as other interesting attractions.

Even when you are present at this event is a record in the longest serving traditional food presentation, presented in a special place along one kilometer from the Sultan Palace yard until it reaches the Sangaji village.

The festival is able to involve local residents participate together, that of the entire and outside island will gather at the Palace of the Sultan of Ternate in many performing arts and traditional culture.

(Source T Wahyuni - CNN Indonesia /Images Gunawan Bz, Festival Legu Gam Sultanate of Ternate)


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