Strange Objects Carried by Passengers

Airports have set up any items that can be brought to an aircraft

Durian is a fruit which are prohibited brought in to an aircraft

Passenger's plane is unique in traveling, especially in travel, they always carry a variety of equipment, personal items and goods as needed trip.

According to regulations at the airport, you certainly can not just bring a lot of stuff. This applies especially for international flight gate.

Durian and the knife

Quoting the article in the Huffington Post, following some strange objects found by officers airports in the world.

1. Snake
2. The dove
3. The human skull
4. Chastity belt
5. Marijuana in grenade
6. Knives in a walker

Of course it is understandable, because as soon as the spirit of a traveler on their way, so want to bring any premises directly related to life, but not for other human beings.

Many factors are the reason of airport authorities, but the safety factor is still an acceptable reason in general for all passengers.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesian CNN, Huffington Post /Images KS Turnip)


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