P.B. Jams, friendly café for Homeless

They offer the homeless to dine at their café

It's special because the café has a different perspective to the homeless, they have sensitive feelings and would like to share on the homeless.

P.B. Jams café owner, Ashley Jiron, even making a bulletin board in the form of an invitation for the homeless, and the announcement placed near a dumpster where the homeless used to look for leftovers.

Offer that soothing, even for everyone, for Pb&j classic food, fresh vegetables and a glass of water, free of charge.

Ashley Jiron

Is Ashley bids given to the homeless get a response? Apparently not, according to the homeless will not immediately appear to the café after the announcement of a free meal because they feel pride.

She has tried, so naturally need patience.

Who would have thought, if one day you will be in Oklahoma, and a time to visit the café.

(Source U Widowati - CNN Indonesia, Independent /Images PB Jams Pages)


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