The Most Beautiful Underwater Reef in the World

Preferred tourist area tourist submarine fans in the world

Imagine you're underwater diving with the fishes colorful, unforgettable travel experience while enjoying the natural beauty of the underwater. Natural beauty under the sea while dancing with the fishes funny, of course we are expected to maintain and do not ruin it.

An article from The Telegraph shows tourist the world's most famous great coral reefs places under the sea.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat, West Papua. Saving 600 species of reef-building coral reef with 2,000 species of fish that take refuge in the beautiful coral triangle. Small islands are beautiful that holds 75 percent of the world's coral species richness.

South Ari Atoll, Maldives. Has 16 major atolls (coral ring in shallow lagoons), and you will enjoy the many "thilas" (island under water) which also has a soft coral.

Black Forest, Bohol. Similar to the name of a cake taart with a slope between 5-30 meters, it has a rich polyps colors, including black coral. The reef is visible yellowish green when illuminated by sunlight.

GreatBarrier Reef, Australia. The water was warm with many endemic species, coral reef waters there are 2900 individual (not in group) and 900 islands and various types of sharks, reef sharks, among others, wobbegongs (carpet sharks), and fan corals. Were granted in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Nosy Be, Madagascar. A small island located in the southwestern part, you can see the appearance of coral bleaching, coral reefs grow deeper than 12 meters.

Belize. Privileged to reach the 170-mile coral reef, the second largest after the Great Barrier Reef. You can see the coral reefs purple, red, yellow and green as well as a herd of grouper.

The Baixo do Pinda, Mozambique. The beauty of coral along the 15 km between the walls of the vast stretches of the Indian Ocean, corals and fish sparkling. Others are scattered on the beach side to form a cluster of coral and sea grass plains.

North Emma Reef, Papua New Guinea. Beautiful coral reefs form the main wall, and underwater cliffs. The divers can enjoy the beauty of marine plants, ferns giant gold that exists between hairy crinoids, or sea lilies.

Of course, for fans of diving tourism, these places has always been a dream to achieve, given the extraordinary beauty. Even as a tourist destination for many other travelers.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph /Images DE Prisz, Setiadi Darmawan, SY Winata)


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