Mangrove Nature of Jakarta

An area of nearly 100 hectares with nearly consisting of mangrove forests

As written in the previous section in this blog about the mangrove forests of Jakarta, a clump of mangrove trees like a real forest are able to bring a different atmosphere to the city frenetic.

You walk around it, every corner of the park with street dominated by wood and foliage umbrella. Through the wooden bridge, with a green background beautiful lake and a boat across the lake water.

Bird tower with the wind, the sound of shorebirds, giving extensive views as far as the eye could see, a clump of dense mangrove forests.

The area is quiet with few places for lodging, shaped like a villa, there is also the inn on the water. Available even for camping place for the young who liked the outdoors, watching thousands of stars in the vast sky at night.

Angke Forest neighborhood, a place in the north of the city, on the shores of the sea Jakarta.

(Source T Wahyu - CNN Indonesia, Jamaluddin Husin - Kapuk Cengkareng /Images A Matius, A Hady, Amalia Arisandi)


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