Bandung Trans Studio theme park provide Special Offers

During the month of April 2015 a discount of 50 percent

In line with the implementation of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung in the fourth week of April, apparently the management of the theme park in Trans Studio Bandung deem it necessary to provide special offers for residents of Bandung and of course impact for tourists from neighboring countries.

Trans Studio is known as one of the theme park that provides many exciting rides for the visitors.

April are warm enough, in spite of this city always feels cool in temperatures around 17-19 degrees Celsius, making Bandung became more festive, especially the presence of delegates from many countries who participated in the Asian-African Conference, as many as 109 countries.

Bandung preening and getting clean, so that the center of Bandung become more beautiful, townspeople immediately feel the difference, it feels when you stroll around the town square.

So the excitement of the city was greeted by the management of Trans Studio, which operate between 10:00 to 21:00 local time. Community welcome the presence of delegates from each state, and arcades in the theme park is even more crowded.

This promotion is valid every day and has included playing all the rides as much.

(Source Kompas Travel, Trans Studio Bandung /Images N Devi - Bandung)


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