FlyNiki, launched a 10-minute flight service

Flying service starting in April 2015

FlyNiki E190

Flying in such a short time, even you also have not had time to stretch our legs on the seat in the plane, and the flight attendant immediately announced that the plane will be landing shortly.

Great, isn’t it?

FlyNiki, low-cost airline owned by the Austrian was founded in 2003 and serves more than 50 destinations in Europe and North Africa, this time opening the shortest route international flights in the world, with a distance of only 30 miles from Vienna to Bratislava.

Streets of Vienna

Tempting option for everyone, citing news from the Telegraph, that in fact the two cities can be reached in 1 hour by car, or even less than an hour by train.

But as an experience, such as the cost of this course is worth a try, although the service is a service airlines transfer, explained by the airline.

Fly to the sky and then promptly arrived.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph /Images Johanes - wikipedia, W Sjahran)


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