Langford couple visit 110 Hotels in 35 Countries

The long journey of Langford couple to various countries with individual uniqueness

Jakarta in nighttime

The story of this family trip seemed endless, they have a long way to various countries, always bring great experience to get to know a new environment.

It began in 2008, when they visited Quebec, Canada, at the Fairmont Le Chateu Frontenac. They feel challenged for each property visited of the Fairmont Hotel in the whole world.

The long journey begins to various places in the world, for example a trip to China, visited Swisshotel and Raffles Beijing, as well as Raffles Hainan, and this time they were in Jakarta, visited three hotels in Indonesia. Fairmont Hotel Jakarta as a hotel stay 97th, Raffles Hotel Jakarta purposes 98th and Fairmont Hotel Bali, the hotel destination 99th.

Langford couple with Andong

No doubt, if they get a lot of experience, for example, in Indonesia, they can enjoy how the uniqueness of traditional transport vehicles, andong.

Traveling around the world and recognize the various countries, received a warm welcome from the locals, sharing hospitality, culinary experience, relationships with people who met and build excitement to do the traveling to various places in the world.

And inspired many people in the future.

(Source RO Kurniawan - Kompas Travel, Langford Travel Guide /Images D Bagus Handhoko, Doug Langford)


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