10 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Based on Viral site Shares on March, 2015

Indian girls

Beautiful women can be found everywhere, most of the world's population even consist of women, and is common in your journey when traveling, then met the beautiful woman.

Here's a picture of beautiful women that you can find when traveling.

1. Brazil. Brazilian women deserve to be in the first place, one day you walk in the country and witnessed a woman with glowing skin and is able to hit anyone.

2. Russia. They have blue eyes, and his body proportionally high.

3. Venezuela. No need to wonder if the Venezuelan women often winning beauty contests in the world, such as Miss Universe and Miss World.

4. India. You could say they have the most beautiful woman in Asia. Look at things from their attractive, feminine side, ethics and the simplicity of their manners.

5. Argentina. They are smart care for themselves, and always give their best to get attention.

6. Serbia. The main beauty lies in the eyes of those women with Meditarian face, tall and slim body makes them more attractive.

Seoul street

7. South Korea. They look innocent, sweet face and cheerful person. Black hair shiny and clean skin makes them worthy of love and riveting.

8. France. Famous women assertive, energetic, and strong fashion sense. In fact you will be amazed with their romantic nature with a sophisticated appeal.

9. Italy. Women's incredible with the definition as a very beautiful Mediterranean woman, tanned olive skin, brown hair with aura wah, and a specific character that makes them truly beautiful and shining.

10. Ukraine. They are rare, beautiful, and brave. Moreover, you will find the simplicity and feminine, yet seductive and charming. Similar to Russian women in their attitude and appearance.

Another side of the tour, when you arrive in one of the countries which have beautiful women, can be said to be a separate excitement.

(Source Tempo.co, Viral Shares /Images L Pandjaitan, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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