Bad Habits that Harm Healthy on Vacation

Unusual activity can actually threaten health

Trekking in Mount Rinjani, Lombok

On holidays we often unknowingly commit acts outside norm, not the holidays is the time to enjoy freedom, but beyond that, there is a danger awaits.

Habits on holiday can be risky to health and even life-threatening, so it's worth it when we are being vigilant.

The following activities outside the daily habits during the holidays.

1. A diet that changed. Let us start from at breakfast, when the holidays arrive unconsciously often do potluck breakfast. Breakfast is the first important nutrient intake in a full day, a waiver will make the body less fresh, supple, and cause colds or stomach pain.

We also often ignore healthy foods and beverages, while the body so it took a vacation trip fluid intake because of fatigue.

Plan all well and carefully, be patient to be aware of the health of the body, the trip would not be the same when at home where we can eat well with a menu that we wanted. Although the holiday is always identical with the unexpected, and fun.

2. Do not pay attention to hygiene. We often overlook the basics, wearing used clothing, secondhand shirt, socks, all made according to the heart's desire, arbitrarily, but remember waiting disease, bacteria, virus is present everywhere.

Reflect for a moment of time, hygiene remains necessary. If necessary take the time to wash clothes and other essential items.

Down to Lake Segara Anak, Lombok

3. Trying new things 'too' adrenaline. Too considered an underestimate, forgotten in our physical, forget the time and the ability of the body, want to try all of them, take risks that lead to health and life.

Of course at a certain age we want to test the courage, adrenaline generally good and good for the body. Naturally, if you want to try, add to the experience, but the physical preparation, adequate rest need to be considered.

Note carefully that suffer from the disease in the body, whether it has a congenital disease, such as heart disease or asthma, or too creepy, do not be too afraid and ashamed to say "no thanks".

Vacation is received excitement, unexpected measurable experience, happiness and enjoy life. Not to look for risks that are harmful to your health and life.

(Source F Abdurachman – Kompas Travel /Images A Niaki)


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