Tanjung Lesung grow as a Marina in Southeast Asia

The beaches and culinary sea as the main attraction

Tourist area around Tanjung Lesung may seem to move slowly and slow to promote, although potential around the area deserves to be sold, especially when it Tanjung Lesung increasingly attractive for tourists from certain countries, such as South Korean tourists.

The main obstacle is a considerable distance from the capital, Jakarta, using the vehicle takes approximately 3 hours by car.

When you enter this area, let's say to a decent beach for tourists, for example Bodur Beach, beautiful nature, and soft white sand, the waves are friendly for visitors and blue water.

Even from a distance you can see the silhouettes of fishing boats at dusk approaching, the scenery is so charming. The sea water is transparent when reflecting the sun, so that the sea water appear to glow.

This area is increasingly aware of the presence of tourists, and the improvement of infrastructure in line with the development of the area as a Special Economic Zone since February 23, 2015, the construction of a yacht marina as a place to lean from countries around the region, resort and hotel, international standard golf courses, in line with Indonesia government plans making it as the largest marina area in Southeast Asia.

(Source T Wahyuni ​​- CNN Indonesia, P Widi Hatmi - Banten /Images P Widi Hatmi)


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