Nepal Earthquake Lowering Interest of Travelers

The 7.9 richter scale earthquake that occurred on Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Himalayas Mountain

Not only the great earthquake that rocked Nepal and northern India and make mischief, but a direct impact on local tourism. This was conveyed by the stakeholders in tourism, travel agents and the tourism industry.

Thamel district that is familiar to the Inn of the climbers, is currently alleged to have occurred many ruins

The same thing had happened before when the tragedy of flooding in Kedarnath, India in 2013, some places that a tourist destination has been showing signs of order cancellations trip, for example, for the purpose of Bodhgaya and Nepal on Monday.

Violent earthquake struck this region is certainly daunting for newcomers, tourists canceled their trips to the area that allegedly affected directly or in the vicinity.


Even some travel agents in Southeast Asia which usually serve a trip to Nepal not know the situation on the ground, they did not know which destinations are damaged and other alternatives destinations in the vicinity.

Tourism in Nepal will decrease for a while, even for the year ahead, this is a concern that is equitable for the local tourism industry managers.

(Source M Chairunisa - KompasTravel, Times of India /Images N Ginting)


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