Incheon as the World Book Capital 2015

Based on the determination of the international expert committee of UNESCO

Incheon become a city of books, what would you think about this? True, it is determined by the choice of a committee of experts from UNESCO, replacing the position of the city of Port Harcourt.

World Book Day seems to bring a blessing for the city in South Korea, as it is considered to have the quality of programs and the positive impact of increased promotion of the book. The city that is able to increase the number of readers thus increasing revenue in the publishing sector, and access and digital printing becomes easier.

A prestigious event, World Book Capital has been conducted since 2001, some other city ever elected, among others, Madrid, Alexandria, New Delhi, Antwerp, Montreal, Turin, Bogota, Amsterdam, Beirut, Ljubljana, Buenos Aires, Yerevan, and Bangkok.

Incheon is known as a unique city in South Korea, located in the northwest of Korea, bordered by Seoul and Gyeonggi, for many people, better known as the name of the airport, but in fact actually a city and also at the same time is a port city.

Travelers would know this city, with a tourism event that has been widely known, such as Incheon Grand Fishery Market, Wolmi Park, and Incheon Art Platform.

And, as a predicate city of book will make it more widely known.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, UNESCO /Image A Shita Dewi)


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