Australia typical, Ginger beer without Alcohol

Introduced in the Australian Culinary Trails 2015 in Jakarta

A food festival crowded, especially when a group of people who came to give an appreciation of the type of drink, they laughed happily.

The crowd at the Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, seemed enthusiastic when one of the outlets serving beer, but beer is not intoxicating. With ginger beer labels, many people are curious about the taste and disbelief if this beer does not contain alcohol.

Bundaberg ginger beer with the original brand of Queensland, Australia, it is so unique. Strong ginger flavor aroma and pungent as the traditional ginger drink from Indonesia.

If you try it, there are some tantalizing tongue taste, sensation of soda, ginger flavor was just right, not too heavy and not too light.

Indeed, this event is an opportunity to introduce one of the uniqueness of Australia, with a variety of brands from Australia, such as Cadbury, Nuttela, Poppin, Bloss BOMs, Carman's, Heinz and others.

Culinary is very attractive as a means of introducing a country for anyone, and the typical snacks become one of the power to bring tourists to a destination country.

(Source T Wahyu - CNN Indonesia, ACT 2015 /Image Bundaberg Pages)


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