17 buildings in the Jakarta's Old Town region will be revitalized

Revitalization promote cultural heritage preservation


Try to take the time you walk in this region, enjoy the atmosphere of the past, old buildings there and here, some have appeared sweet and some are indeed require businesses to come back strong.

It would be convenient if all the back as usual, as if we carried entirely at a time of ever so bright.

Thus the plan of an institution, Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corp. which immediately within a period of 2 years will revitalize the 17 buildings in the Old Town area, West Jakarta.

Certainly require some administrative adjustments on the ownership of the building from the past, so it takes the right approach, among others Block Tjipta Niaga, two buildings of Block Tjipta Niaga, block Kerta Niaga, and two other buildings. Block Tjipta Niaga consists of the International Credit en Handles Maatschappij, G Kolff & Co, The Firm of van Vlueten & Cox, and Rotterdam Lloyd.

Furthermore, Block Kerta Niaga consists of three buildings located in Jalan Kali Besar Timur 8 and 9, as well as in Jalan Pintu Besar Utara 11.

Long region that once stretched, trading region, warehouses, and offices of international business network control spices, nutmeg, shellac, varnish, and sandalwood from Batavia. There, the tourists then set their foot in a tour, and you will be brought to an interesting time and arouse feelings.

(Source Kompas, Kompas Travel /Images V Puspitasari, P Widi Hatmi)


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