Best Ways to Overcome Jet Lag

Problems in the body due to differences in time zones

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Maybe one day you ever experienced when traveling to a country with a different time zone differences around 10-12 hours, the body of a traveler will experience a change in habits, such as bedtime.

A problem that is often experienced by many people from the past, always occurs in the course of inter-state. There is no way other than the body requires rest to adjust to the time at the destination.

Experience that Langford couples to various countries - currently in Jakarta, around the world and to stay in hotels that are members of the network FHRI (Fairmont, Raffles and Swissotel) in overcoming jet lag can be a good tips.

1. Keep the Body Fitness. It is appropriate body is always in a state fit, so it can quickly adjust to the time change.

2. Stay Active and Forget Home Time. Always perform the activity, moving as if oblivious to the time of the country of origin. The adjustment process of the body to the time zone will be faster.

3. Drinking Water. It is important not to be ignored, keep your body hydrated so it is not easy fatigue.

4. Massage. Help our bodies are always relaxed, the body becomes more fresh.

Travel to various countries do require special preparation, especially for those who travel frequently. A healthy body and fresh are the main requirements that must be maintained.

(Source D Ngantung – Tribun News, Kompas Travel /Image Eliza Wijshijer)


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