Meet Fat People in Your Travel Trip in Various Places

Countries with the Most Fat People in the World

The Pyramids, Egypt

Travel tour is always special with various experiences that you may not find at home/your country, even very surprising tour with the experience of meeting with various types of people.

Included with obese people, isn’t it?

People in the world might just be fat, human lifestyles are increasingly changing.

The food was just as savior of hungry stomach, changed its function as a consolation heavy heart, even an escape from a wide range of complexity of life.

Peoples in the airport, Bangkok

Thus modern life, food is growing with the creation of the chef produces delicious foods, but the present problem, people increasingly sedentary because of the ease of technology, health becomes a victim.

Here's an excerpt from The Richtest, 10 states with the highest obesity rate in 2014 ago.

1. Kuwait
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Egypt
4. Jordan
5. United Arab Emirates

6. South Africa
7. Mexico
8. United States
9. Venezuela
10. Trinidad and Tobago

Various meetings with a variety of people in a tourist destination, the fat people is present everywhere, and we soon realized food and technology, inevitably leads people in one of the biggest health problems, namely obesity.

(Source T Wahyu - CNN Indonesia, The Richtest /Images R Korobu, R Hastuty)


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